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30 Jul


Rapper Celebrates 23rd Birthday in StyleImage

On Saturday, July 27, 2013, Soulja Boy celebrated his 23rd birthday in style at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood. Styled by celebrity stylist Jeremy Brown of Jeremys Image, Soulja sported his signature gold chains and the “King Soulja Shirt” designed by Golden Hanger.  The event was topped with a Louis Vuitton cake, as Soulja celebrated with fans, friends including Atlanta-based rapper, Diamond. Soulja Boy’s performed a variety of his hits including his new “Versace” remix, “Crank That” and “Turn My Swag On”. Currently, Soulja Boy is recording and working on a new album to be released in 2014.


Check out Soulja Boy’s “Versace” remix here: (Preview)


Soulja Boy’s Stylist: Jeremys Image

Photo Credit: Jojo Wilson and Cameron Foster 


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North Blvd Movie Currently Filming in Los Angeles – Touches The Controversial Aspects of Adoption

8 Jul


Photo Credit: Winston Burris PR Photos

North Blvd Movie Currently Filming in Los Angeles, CA


Filming has begun this summer for North Blvd, a film written and directed by Amy Esacove, and features actors Mackenzie Phillips and Grainger Hines. Layered with her special brand of comedy, this film is based on director Amy Esacove’s true story. Amy’s telling of her intimate story was both heart-warming and heart breaking. The LA Weekly described Amy’s performance as “…revealing at last the triumphant but bittersweet soul of a survivor.” Per Deadline, Little Girl Productions is teaming up with Providence Film Group consisting of producers Blaine McManus and Xavier “X” Mitchell on the project and is currently filming this summer for a tentative release date. The logline is as follows:

After growing up in an abusive adoptive household, young and confused Bethany Ivanhoe embarks on the inevitable search for her birthparents–igniting a life changing adventure she never expected…… 

Twenty seven year old Bethany Ivanhoe was adopted at birth for all of the wrong reasons: she was to save the already doomed marriage of her adoptive parents and she was to be the good sister–the savior– to her eldest sibling, Elaine, who even as a child, struggled with deep insecurities. As a young adult, Bethany struggles to make her way in the world.

Despite all of the adversity, Bethany exhibits a tremendous amount of integrity and humor. She has long held the belief that someday, somehow, she would meet her birth parents when the time was right. With the support and encouragement of her best friend, Jenny, Bethany finally embarks on the search for her birth parents.

The first phone call to her birth mother, Linda, sparks a long distance friendship that prompts Bethany to meet her for the first time. Linda had been unsure of the identity of Bethany’s birth father until she saw her in the flesh. After two family reunions, a huge history lesson, a road trip across the western United States, and a near death experience with an elk, Bethany returns to Los Angeles with a new pair of eyes, and learns the meaning of redemption and that life, no matter how unfair, is truly perfect.


8 Jul

ImagePhoto credit: Getty Images via USA Today

In a matter of days Paula Deen’s career went from being a multi-million dollar Food Network Star to a sudden life-changing career halt due to racist comments revealed in a deposition from 10 years ago based on racial discrimination and sexual harassment. 

Paula’s apology video and the handling of this matter is what our profession considers a PR Nightmare — a prime example of why a client SHOULD NOT handle their own publicity- but rather leave it in the hands of someone experted in that area

…Or was it her PR Team’s fault? …..Did Paula consult her team before posting her video? 

Was it her team’s bad advisement or hers to skip out on the Today Show/ Matt Lauer interview? 

Many perplexing questions need to be answered. It is also a lesson to any public figure: what you say will always eventually come back to haunt you.