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‘The Real’ on Tamar Braxton & Public Relations

29 May


Many people were shocked at the unexpected shake-up and removal of Tamar Braxton from her Daytime TV talk show The Real.  Although we’re NOT SURE WHAT HAPPENED, — THIS IS WHY CELEBRITIES NEED PUBLICISTS and BRAND STRATEGISTS – Wearing many hats (singer, host, reality star) A talent needs professional monitoring to distinguish their Brands, their Image, the Social Media, etc.

As a Music Artist, you have to have a specific image and a certain level of professionalism in the Entertainment Industry.

As a Reality Star – you don’t have to have the same level of professionalism, where pushing the envelope is acceptable for television sensationalism and ratings–that same behavior as a professional will diminish your reputation and credibility.

As a daytime Talk Show Host, there is even another type of professionalism that a talent has to have due to the nature of daytime television and dealing with corporate sponsors. When corporations are shelling out $$$ and want networks to comply with the stricter rules of daytime television, there is a more conservative and professional approach to how a talent and a show are to conduct themselves–so there is yet another level of how a talent should comply.

These are all “brands” for an entertainer.  All of these brands and brand imaging have to be monitored and planned by a Communications professional (Publicist, Crisis Communications Expert, Marketer). Whatever the case….Best of luck Tamar!


Beyonce’s Lemonade and Her PR Genius

28 May


Beyoncé’ released her latest album “Lemonade” on April 23, accompanied by an hour-long HBO special. The release went unannounced and unsupported by the music industry’s standard promotional machine, instead, used her “element of surprise” to keep her fans anticipating.

This isn’t the first time Beyoncé decided to set aside traditional marketing and PR for the unexpected. Beyoncé  and her team have made this form of Guerilla PR and her team look almost effortless.

It’s impossible for PR pros to stack up against the cultural powerhouse that she’s become over the years—when her news is out there all others get jumbled with the rest of the “clutter”.  Beyonce’ has built a brand and a following that is difficult for other brands to compete with.

Here are a few things about Beyonce’s form of marketing/PR that some brands could take note of:

Different Channels of Media

With her last two albums, Beyoncé has embraced video in ways that few artists have. She’s gone beyond the basic format for music videos and created multimedia experiences out of her music. In an era when every piece of text needs to be accompanied by visual media, Beyoncé capitalizes on the growing trend by making her music almost inseparable from the accompanying video. It’s important to keep experimenting and finding new ways to infuse rich media elements into campaigns. Even the bedrock of PR—the press release—has become a hotbed for varied media content.

Element of Surprise

The courting of mystery and the accompanying surprise can be valuable tools for any communications team. Even though burying the lead is rarely a good thing, embracing Beyoncé’s abstract and often cryptic style of communication can help build excitement around important business announcements and product launches.