13 Jan


As America still sits in shock over the U.S. Presidential Election……trying to make sense of the unexpected result.  One has to muster – What went wrong?

Trump, a businessman himself, knew the importance of Marketing, Publicity in this Social Media age.

Trump started with a Campaign Slogan “Make America Great Again”  This Tagline resonated with a segmented population who may have been “Anti-Obama.”  This “campaign” started well before the election.  Trump first garnered attention with comments made challenging President Obama’s citizenship. Trump expressed internal fears that a segmented population were relating to. Trump’s “no filter” comments expressed the thoughts and fears of the demographic that won him the election.

Trump’s lack of tactfulness and political correctness caused an uproar on Social Media. These “rants caused a “reaction” and garnered the attention of the people…and most importantly The Press.


Good or Bad—ALL Publicity is good publicity.


On the other hand, while having history and being somewhat of an “incumbent”. Hillary Clinton was a “shoe-in” people assumed.   However, Hillary Clinton failed to execute a strong Campaign.  Hillary Clinton for a huge duration of her Campaign, failed to secure a solid, distinct positioning in election.

Hillary failed to create a solid/memorable Campaign Slogan or Tagline.  “Stronger Together” was vague with no strong specific messaging, mission or target.  Furthermore, she didn’t choose a solid Campaign Slogan until late into her campaign (May 2016).

The wiki-leaks email scandal also did not help her Campaign from a Public Relations perspective.  It tarnished the image of being a trustworthy Politician.  Hillary’s vagueness to define which issues she stood for also failed to define a clear mission as well.

Hillary also failed to solidify a well-defined demographic – whether her target was minorities, women, or urban- Hillary failed to create significant messaging to resonate with those targets. She lost in major Democratic/Urban states that are typically Democrat—Wisconsin Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Pennsylvania. Hillary then reached out to Celebrities later in her campaign, but it arrived “too late” Trump had well spent a few years creating buzz in the marketplace due to his controversial comments which overshadowed any Publicity for Hillary.

Whether Trumps viewpoints were real or fabricated to generate a buzz from a Publicity standpoint to reach a certain demographic, Trump’s campaign drew in those voters.

What’s next remains to be seen with this unexpected win.



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