28 Jun

The Host, Actor, Talks About Parenthood, Being Labeled “Corny”, and Why He Left NBC’s America’s Got Talent

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Nick Cannon was a guest at BET Weekend at Genius Talks to speak with Host Charlamagne Tha God.

When asked why he decided to leave NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Nick replied “I didn’t feel that I was losing my job….But I felt that I was losing my integrity..”  According to Variety, Nick Cannon left America’s Got Talent” after a falling out with the network over a joke told on a Showtime comedy special—which included a racially charged joke employing “NBC” as an acronym incorporating a racial slur.

Nick Cannon says that he was inspired by his father, who was a community leader, as well as industry influences such as Dave Chappelle who walked away from his show (The Dave Chappelle Show), to be “fearless” as he felt that he was losing his voice.

Charlamagne Tha God also asked how does Nick Cannon feel about being labeled “Corny”  According to Nick Cannon, for him it is more about “authenticity.”  Even though he grew up in the “hood” he didn’t necessarily wanted to tell that story or share any negative connotations “As a man, once you remove that ego, you can become more vulnerable….”  “I’m more concerned about my Legacy.”

Despite everything, Nick Cannon says that he is “a father first” and how he and Mariah Carey co-parent so well.  He also expressed his fears and anxieties about raising a daughter and his children in this ever-changing world of race and social issues and how he discusses skin color issues with his own children.

One of these students was Nick Cannon, who revealed he’s enrolled as a freshman at Howard University in Washington, D.C.  where he’s majoring in “strategic legal and management communications,”  According to Cannon that despite his success and money— “Education is real wealth” and how he reads a least one book a week.


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