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Jesus In Hollywood?

16 Apr

Jesus_HollywoodPhoto: Kevin Lee Light

This man looks familiar…..VERY familiar….well the initial reaction would be “of course, he looks like Jesus….is that Jesus?   I’ve seen this man walked mysteriously down Sunset Blvd. for years, one time I was at a local bar and he walked in…people got scared and felt guilty picking up their drinks…..myself included.

That was three years ago, so I sit in the café and see him again.. “Jesus” was in enjoying the music in the café, singing along to the Temptations…”Papa Was a Rolling Stone” he had a great voice. However, I couldn’t help but notice and chuckle at the multiple reactions he received from onlookers and customers coming in and out — both positive and negative… lady screamed and got scared—her friend had just had a conversation with her about heaven, he then led her to “Jesus”, they walked over and he let the blindfold off her face, and she was sooo terrified she screamed! ;  Another lady walked over to him and showed him a picture of Jesus that she had in her cell phone, another started a conversation and wondered about how the new millennium Jesus would actually use a cellphone, some onlookers scoffed, another asked to take a picture with him.

It made me wonder…  What if Jesus was back on earth walking around in Hollywood?  How would people react?     maybe the same way they reacted to this “Jesus”…nevertheless, we need him these days—especially in Hollywood.

How would we react if we were actually in his presence?  Some really treated him as if he were Jesus, he actually intimidated me… and he was not even the real Jesus, but it really is a matter of how you look at things…it’s a matter of what you believe if you need Him badly then anybody symbolizing him is close enough.

I had to ask him….”How did you get started dressing as Jesus”… Do people really ask you to pray for them?

He answered “Yes sometimes…,”  I responded,  “So how do you react to that?” , He answered ,  “ Sometimes I give them a hug.”

…“Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe in God?” ………he never gave me an answer…just as mysterious and enigmatic as the real Jesus.

“Blashpemy? Do people get offended?”   he answered “I get a mixed reaction”

“Do you get offended when people call you Jesus”  He answered “No, but I don’t call myself that”  lol

This guy’s real name is actually Kevin Lee Light.  Kevin is known as the “Jesus of Hollywood” and has been dressing as the Big Guy for years.  This has stirred a curiosity and buzz amongst Los Angeles, “Jesus of Hollywood” has been featured on  TMZ  entitled “Hollywood Jesus is Rich,” has been seen with Snoop Dogg, has been featured in a music offering featuring  Aerosmith entitled “Street Jesus”, and soon to be seen in Johnny Depp’s new movie in “Sunset Strip The Movie” which will be featured on Showtime this Spring.

I asked him what were his thoughts about Jesus…he answered “ I think that Jesus was Black, according to the Bible and the region where he was born.”

Ok, “Jesus of Hollywood”…one last question…. Once again… …Why do you dress like Jesus?”

… and he finally answered… “Dressing like Jesus represents love & peace”

…..and from the looks of it people respond to it — they ask him to pray for them…heck, I even felt a little warm inside talking with him…